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Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) contains Accounting Packages, Inventory, Human Resources(HR) and Customer Relation Management(CRM).
Order Management System (OMS), Client Portal, Back Office and "Stock Brokers Website" are packages we dedicated for Stock Broking Firms in Nigeria. The OMS is used for online real-time trading, Client Portal is a customer reporting service, Back Office is the main accounting package that unite the entire systems together. The website helps site visitors to see top gainner and loosers etc.
If you are planning on diving into e-commerce, you are in the right place for your business automation. We build robust e-commerce platforms and shopping cart software. With our system, you can upload an unlimited amount of products with easy control over variants and overall inventory,and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. In order to make a purchase, users must register with the site, providing all the information needed for shipping and billing.
Our system provides a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. The system can be used to maintain and assess the potential present in a person for further growth and development. It also provides a feedback to employees regarding their performance and related status. This system can be used to review and retain the promotional and other training programmes.
Our schools and promotion system covers primary schools, secondary schools and higher institution. This system allows remote access for administrator, staff, parents and students. The Result Manager is designed to speed up the compilation of results in Primary / Secondary Schools. This system works efficiently, compared to manual methods. We consider speed and accuracy in this build. Security is our overall priority target.
Our system will be designed to meet your specific needs. We develop based on the framework suitable for your requirements and at the same time considering speed and functionality. Our custom software application is usually analyzed by our top professionals after getting requirements from the client. We give efficient and reliable technical support plan and build according to our clients specification. Our support team usually carry out several test before we finally deploy for our clients.
This system is used to manage record transactions made by bank customers to their account or transactions to other account. The system empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world. It supports multiple currencies, internal messaging and gives analytic reporting. Good dynamic group and accounting structure, Solid security layer, resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections.
This system provides real-time registration that aims to solve the school's lack of flexibility, manpower and time-consuming system. The system contains stores information such as class schedules, pre-requisites, subject and other data needed in the system. With this system, parents can go online, research their perfect academy and BOOM – they have the option to submit enrollment information for their child instantly. No need to look for signed “Release of Records” forms or enrollment packets. Instead, all the enrollment information is safely gathered in the online system.
This is a change in our impact model, approach to partnerships, our financial resilience and our global public profile. It is used to determine the location or direction of a target on a near-continuous basis and maintain contact and constantly update the target's bearing, range and elevation. The system is dynamic in nature and can be used to get which network a mobile number belongs to at real time. Telling the port statuses of the number. The system provides continuous position information to the operator and possibly to a fire control system for emergency purposes.
Our system is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management software, designed to manage all aspects of hospital operations. With our web base interface and Mobile apps patients can communicate with hospital faster and easier. This system increase hospitals & HMO Efficiency and enhance revenues, Integration of all departments makes the task smoother and more precise to enhance the overall system productivity. We analyze data to identify and test the most effective means for engaging different types of patients.
Our detector range covers multiple applications and deliver excellent catch performance together with false alarm immunity. The range of wireless devices integrates with our control panels to provide secure, scalable solutions for any application. Our portfolio includes various remote programming softwares which offer a user-friendly interface between PCs and our panels. Conettix products give you reliable data transmission over a wide range of transmission paths and formats.
This system is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties viz the hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo's, hostel and apartments. The online booking engine is a complete online reservation solution that takes hotel occupancy rates to new level, by allowing the hotel or any property to receive online bookings from hotel's website and various other sources. The system aids hoteliers to efficiently manage property's rates and inventory distribution on various connected channels/ booking portals.
This easy stock management software provides many intuitive ways of managing, tracking and correcting your stock. This system also takes care of damages, dumps happening in your stock. The system is optimized for Billing, Customized Reports & SMS Integration / CRM. This retail stock management software not only keeps accurate track of your inventory but also maintains the physical location of your products in your stores / warehouse, so that, it is very convenient for you to physically locate the product very quickly.
This system covers estates & property management, surveying, business and finance and the built environment. It keep database of all the lands and buildings in an estate. This applications states the agent and location of properties including the price tag. This system is design keeping in mind the conditions (easy to use, feasibility and user friendly). This system can be customised or could be used as a platform for every agent to sign up. This system allows you pay online with your ATM credentials or other means of payment.
This system is an open platform where buyers meet sellers for the price and supply of farm products. It has a customizable version for specific users or company who wants to buy for their business activities and also open version of which sellers will register with an amount of money and then place what needs to be sold. It is a fully automated system of which ayment can be made online or pay on delivery. It allows supplier to enter different types of farm produce ranging from raw to finished products and their cost. The system also allows buyers to negotiate with the sellers on the price of commodities.
This system allows buyers to meet sellers on different types of natural resources such as Gold, Precious stones etc. The sellers will have to first register on our platform and then input all available resources he wants to sell. This is where a buyer search for resources of interest and made payment either online, on delivery or via ATM transfer. It has a customizable version for companies that wants to buy and the open version where sellers and buyers meet for business transactions.

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